Camera isn't working since weeks

Hi all, I have serious troubles with my FP camera. It isn’t worling since weeks and I tried (almost) everything. All camera apps tell me that there is “Camera error - Cannot connect to camera” or Clear Cache, Reboot, installing different camera apps (believe me I tried them all) and also deinstalling of skype, cam scanner etc. I start thinking of a hardware problem instead of a software problem? How can I check this? By the way: My Fairphone 1st generation runs now under FP Cherry 1.6 and I am happy for any help I can get. All best ftm


It’s hard to say from here if it’s a hardware issue or not. To make sure it’s not software related I recommend you to perform a hard reset:

If the problem persists after the hard reset, please send a support request through, and we will assist your further.


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have you tried the hard reset as suggested by support, and if this didn’t work have you raised this directly to support?

Hi Rick, thank you very much for your comments. Within the last weeks I have tried at least 2 hard resets, and the situation didn’t change. The fact that sometimes the camera works for several minutes before the camera is marked as not reachable/not working sounds like a hardware problem, which I will adress to the fairphone support. Thanks for your help and assitance! Best Frank

Thank’s for your help … I just replied to Ricks comments which seem to be the same like yours. Hard reset didn’t work and I will try the fairphone support now best Frank