Camera is very slow to take pictures, and blurry with movement

Hello friends,
I have a relatively new Fairphone 3. I’ve noticed some problems with the camera compared to other phones I’ve had.

  1. The phone is very slow to take pictures. There is a delay after hitting the button before the picture is actually taken, and then it takes several seconds for the picture to be saved and the button to unlock so another photo can be taken.

  2. If there is even a very slight movement of the subject of the photo or the camera, then it comes out very blurry.

Basically, I’m experiencing the same issues as in this post.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of how to improve, or for any other Camera apps to try? I tried Footej 2 and it worked fantastically, however that App is prohibitively expensive so it won’t work as a solution. I also tried the Modded Google Camera that was suggested in the above post, however it failed to launch and doesn’t seem to work with current hardware/OS version.

Any other thoughts or suggestions? Anyone having the same issue?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I assume you are using the deafult camera app.

Check the HDR option and turn it off if it is on. HDR takes multiple images and then processess them to a [.jpg] HDR+ also outputs a RAW file and takes alot more space .

The post you link to is using the /e/ OS is that what you are using ??

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