Camera images a mess, Torch not working

I dropped my phone yesterday. Since then the torch is not working, and the camera is stuck on ‘selfie’ mode, upside down, producing px right-side up but distorted with bizarre colours. Took camera out and put it back in. Didn’t help. Now what? Is replacing the camera element the only solution? Thank you in advance, Mary

So does this mean you took the camera module out and put it back in?
Did you try to clean the camera module contacts (just in case)?
Do you have a #fairphoneangel near you so you could contact an angel to exchange the camera module?
For me it sounds like a problem with this module as back camera and torch are in one module…
If nothing helps you might ask for a used module in the #market:search category.


Ha ha! You are my fairphone angel so far! But good idea, I’ll see if a local friend could do a swap to see if that would fix it. Will also look for used module, good idea.

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