Camera: How can I delete the IMG-prefix on photos?

I recently jumped from Samsung to FP4 and I love it. To keep my photo history sorted, I want my photos named like this: 20220214_144033.jpg. So how can I delete the prefix “IMG_”?

Thanks for help.

I guess you can’t. I don’t know an option.

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I imagine it depends upon which camera app you are using as the option is available on some. Search this forum and you will find such

I would do that on the computer after or while transferring the photos.

If you are using Linux you can rename all your photo with the command-line:

sudo apt install rename
rename [options] 's/[filename element]/[replacement]/' [filename]

To rename all pictures of your current directory:

rename -v 's/IMG_//g' *.jpg			-v verbose; s substitute; g global

And to rename also pictures in sub-directories

find . -name "*.jpg" -exec rename -v 's/IMG_//g' {} \;

If you are using Windows, have a look at XnView, they have a batch rename option :slight_smile:


For possible options/alternatives this may be of use.


That’s right, Open Camera allows the user to change the prefix of the filenames.
Standard is “img”.
It can be found at:
Settings → More camera controls → Save photo prefix

For other camera apps this might not be true though.


Thanks for all your inputs. That’s helpful. I think I will change my camera app.


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