Camera doesn't work

Hi, my Fairphone with the newest Update (170) doesn’t open the Camera app. Neither when trying to open the normal Fairphone Camera App nor when opening it through an external App. I tried to restart the Phone and it didn’t help. The following error message appears: “Camera was repeatedly terminated unexpectedly.”
Thank you very much for your help

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If you haven’t done so yet, you could empty the Camera app cache and storage in Settings > Apps and Notifications > All Apps > Camera > Storage … It’s not exactly a specific solution, but sometimes helps and doesn’t do any harm.

Thanks for your response.
Sadly it didn’t help. The screen still gors to black and then closes the app.:disappointed_relieved:

And the camera isn’t working in a third party camera app either? Like Open Camera?

The front and rear camera aren’t working in third party apps as well.

Does the issue persist in Safe Mode as well? :thinking:

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Thanks but yes, the problem still exists in Safe Mode. I can’t open the camera.

That’s unfortunate.

If you are familiar with adb, logs might tell us more.
One other option would be a factory reset.
Might also be related to the actual camera hardware, but removing one doesn’t break the app and both failing at the same time seems unlikely :thinking:

In any case, if you haven’t already, #contactsupport. They will take some time to respond and if we can’t fix it, you’ll at least be a bit further in the queue.

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