Camera does this when I use it about 70% of the time

Why does this 70% of the time when I try to us the camera? Very annoying and needs a reboot to make it work.

Looks like you unlocked David Lynch mode. :wink:

If you don’t want to take such artistic pictures (btw do pictures you take look like this, or just screenshots?) try clearing the contacts between the camera module and the main module.

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I did the screen shot because it didn’t replicate the the image when I took a pic.

Ok, haven’t delved in to that yet. got a link for instructions?

Here you go:

Though if the issue doesn’t appear in the photos, then it sounds more like a software issue. Have you tried different camera apps?


No, but I will give one a go.

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Sweet, so far so good. Thanks.


Hello everyone !
Glad this one came out on the forum as I’m experiencing the exact same thing.
My steps to day to try solve the problem (without luck):

  • try different camera apps (no help)
  • clearing the contacts between the modules (helped for a while, problem came back in few days)
  • have a new camera module sent on warranty (helped for a while, problem came back in few weeks)

At the moment I just carry on with the problem. By experience, it’s something related to the quantity of light the sensor (or whatever) takes in. I think it could be due to software issues.

A very diy trick that sometimes works is sticking a fingertip against the camera and then relieving it very slowly: the glitchy effect will disappear and normal colors come back.

Just fyi this problem generally causes the closing of the camera app due to “critical error”, and you can’t even photograph what you see, just take screenshots.

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Yeah it did it again to me using the new camera app. Gonna try cleaning the contacts as suggested.

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