Camera does not work FP2

The camera does not work properly. It have had some problems since we bought our FP2, but now we cannot use it. The application opens correctly but no image appears. After a few seconds we have a message: Unable to connect with camera.

Try to #disassemble the camera module and clean the connectors.


Since the last software update I have the same issue with my camera. Sometimes it works, most of the times I get the Message that the camera can’t be connected. The strange thing is that when I connect it with another app it most of the times works. So when the direct link to the camera icon is not working and I go to WhatsApp, the camera can often be started from There. But when WhatsApp can’t start the camera I try to use the button or restart the phone. Most of the times this works but it mens I can’t telt anymore on the camera. The phone has been used for 8 weeks only and the issue started after the software update that Solved my restart issue

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