Camera consumes a lot of power

Today I discovered that the camera (new version) of my FP 2 sucks a lot of power. When the FP2 is connected to a charger (1.1 Ampere) the charging LED lights. But when I open the camera app, the LED goes off and the battery discharges. I also tried the app Open Camera with the same result. Even when I am only in the settings of Open Camera, the LED is off and the battery discharges, although the FP2 is still connected to the charger. With another charger of 2.1 Ampere the result is the same, too.

Did someone make the same experience? Or what does happen with the charging LED when your FP2 is connected to a charger and you open the camera app?

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I’m on LineageOS, and I can confirm:

  1. Open Camera as well as the stock camera App disable the LED.

  2. Even when charging, my phone may lose battery charge while the camera is on, regardless of which of the two Apps I use (I only tested charging via a PC USB connection).

But … if you are concerned about the LED thing, it comes straight back on when you put the home screen or another App up front with a camera App still active, so it could also be that the camera Apps disable the LED deliberately, but I found nothing to confirm this.

And I can confirm that the camera ate away my battery when left activated back in my Fairphone Open OS days, too.

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Do I get you two right that the solution is to “swipe away” the camera app from the list of active apps?

At least that’s what I do when I’m done taking pictures for the moment.
(I’m not taking many pictures anyway.)

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I don’t know if I get you both right, but to me it seems that the power consumption is only that high when the camera app is in foreground.

Can anybody else confirm that?
Or can anyone NOT confirm my experience?

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I personally wouldn’t bet too much money on that, I don’t have that much trust in Android’s optimizing things in the background … but I just checked with Open Camera and it seems you are right.
Which would make this even less of a problem, hooray :slight_smile: .

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