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We all know about the problems with the Camera app on Fairphone Open but i wonder…when will they fix it? 2 upgrades have been made from the Android 7 release but still the app is not working…
Is it just a problem i have? Do you have any hint about a possible fix?
I know we can use other alternatives but gosh…

They won’t. Just download Open Camera.

Fairphone is not in the business of developing apps themselves.

As long as you don’t describe the issue you are having this is a really hard question.


The issue is that picture are extremely dark.

Solution, as said, is trivial: install Open Camera.

That does indeed beg the question: why doesn’t Fairphone just preinstall Open Camera OR fix the issue with the standard app.

But hey, my problem was solved with Open Camera so I’m not complaining.

The problem came to my attention especially with the selfie cam. OpenCam fixed that.

Works better overall out of the box. But if you want to make even better pics, watch videos about its settings and abilities. Its a really good piece of software.

As for the “gosh” part: If still in guarantee time, contact support. Maybe you can get a new cam module, then you’ll have a free spare.

Hi there. My FP2 camera device is unable to scan digital square codes. Does someone know what can be done about it?

If you can, please point us to an example code which you have trouble scanning for reference (or upload a picture of one).

Else … Which App gives you trouble with the scanning?

It’s not the camera hardware that does the scanning.
There are barcode or QR code reading Apps which get the picture from the camera and then look for codes they can recognize and read in it.
Or such functionality can be an embedded feature of Apps which just need to read barcodes or QR codes as part of whatever else they do.

That said … code scanning relies on focus. If the focus mechanism of the camera would be broken, code scanning could get troublesome …

Also, damage or scratches on the camera could blur the picture, making code scanning difficult.

Does your camera work allright for photos in general?

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