Camera app crashes when starting video

Hi there,

when I try to record a video with the rear camera using the pre-installed camera app of my Fairphone 3, the picture shown in the display freezes. The seconds are counting, but when I hit the stop-button there is no video recorded. The front camera (selfie camera) does record videos.
When I use another app (like open camera) the video funtion does work for both cameras. What could be the problem? Open Camera does work but has limited functions, so I would like to use the standard camera app.

Thank you

Did you try delenting camera cache or deactivating and reativating the app again? (You can do this in Settings → Apps and notifications → Show all apps; maybe the name of the menu is different, as my FP3 is not in english and I’m supponsing the translation :sweat_smile:). Also in Camera app settings you can choose “Reset to default” at the bottom of the settings menu :slightly_smiling_face:

Another thing you can try is check the storage folder? Maybe it’s a problem with the SD Card, and changing it could solve your problem :thinking:. Note that this setting is independent for each camera (front and rear) in the default camera app:

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Wow :slight_smile: Deleting the camera Cache worked - everything’s fine again. Thank you!


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