Camera APP cannot connect with camera back module


For four days now every time I use my camera I get the message, that the camera app cannot connect with the camera (back) module. When I restart the phone it works again most of the time for a short period. I do not know, what changed. What can I do to fix that? The phone didn’t fall down or anything like that.

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Hi there,

Did you try another camera software, like open camera? If the module works with this app, you may just have to clear your app cache…

If not, it can be a connection problem. I think you could find solution here

I have opened the FP2, removed and replaced the camera module several times. Then it worked for a bit. Now it still comes with that pretty violet stripy picture more often than not. If I squeeze the phone in the region of the camera, since it looked like a contact problem, it often begins to work OK. Sometimes it recovers by itself after a few seconds. But this status is unacceptable.

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Yeah - a good remark, thank you GreyOwl!
As I regularly face the same issue all I can do is give you support (“this status is not acceptable”).
Or the question: where do I get a new and working camera module?

And - even worse case: the camera modul surely will not function just when urgently needed to confirm any e-Banking transaction (by photo scanning the bank tag at the screen)… Help!!!

As mentioned in other topics, as well as in Fairphone support’s troubleshooter (camera > cannot connect), if removing and putting back in the camera module (and cleaning the contacts) doesn’t work, you should #contactsupport. The troubleshooter mentions how to fill the form and what pictures to attach to make the process as smooth as possible. The process appears to be virtually identical for all camera issues, so it’s probably a good starter even if you don’t get the cannot connect message (but do have reason to suspect connection issues).


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