Camera and video are not working

I have to little kids and I would love to make some video’s that work and take pictures at the moment I want! Pictures take forever, so the picture moment is gone and I end up with a picture without a kid in it. And video’s stop 5 out of 10 times, and 4 out o 10 times the video does record, but stops playing after I look back, the frame freezes and the sounds go on. What can I do to solve it?

There are two things you can do that I can think of straight off the bat:

  1. Try a different camera app.
  2. Remove the camera module, clean the brass contacts with isopropyl alcohol, and put it back in.

Can you try these things and see if it makes a difference?


Are you using a SD card to save your pictures and/or videos on?

If so for video it could be a performance issue if the cards transfer specifications are too low. Here is a list with compatible SD cards for the FP2.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I opened my phone to clean it, this did not make any difference. I doubt if an other camera app will help since I have other issues with my phone as well.

When somebody calls me, most of the times I cannot answer the call because the screen freezes. Movies from websites of facebook and be played as well. Does this has to do with the camera app?

Hi Patrick,

There is actually a SD card in my phone but without any data on it. Somehow I dont manage to get data on there. It is good to have a list of SD cards that are compatible. I dont think that my movie issues as something to do with the SD card since there is no
data on it.

The telephony and video issues sound like separate things to me. The call problem may be caused by the screen; did you also happen to clean the contacts that connect the screen to the core module before reassembly?

What sort of issues are you experiencing with video?

The SD card may be giving you trouble even if there’s nothing on it, so removing it and then seeing if the issues persist is a worthwile experiment.

I also still recommend trying a different camera app, just to see if it has the same problem as the stock app. It’s an important step in tracing the source of your problems.


Generally it’s best to format the SD card inside the phone directly using the stock Android install/format options.
You may format it as external non-encrypted portable memory.

Or keep it as internal extended memory being encrypted loosing portability by doing this though. Only using USB/network options for data transfers remains.

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Isn’t that discouraged because it leads to a situation where a card fault can break the entire internal memory? The GUI option has even been removed for Android Pie.


Yes sure, hence I would never prefer this way of implementing a SD card as extended internal memory if possible.

We are talking of FP2 here. I’m still on Android 6 and the most recent available pure Android there is something on Android7. I don’t know if this SD card implementation mechanism was modified there.
I have only done this upgrade from Android 5 to 6 once and have my card implemented as external portable memory with Fat32.
I’ll form my previous post more clearly to meet your respond. :slightly_smiling_face:

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