Camera and SD card


My Fairphone 2, OS 19.05.3

I had to reformat the SD card (thread SD card loses write permission suddenly) and it is now implemented as “mobile storage” and all backuped pictures are restored on the card.

In the default camera app on Fairphone I don’t find any option to store the pictures to the SD card. Where is it hidden? I tried with an other camera app - there I found such an option.


Iirc in the standard app there is no option to switch storage lication.
So the solution would be switsching the camera app, e.g. use Open Camera instead.


Have you tried from your Laptop to Fairphone 2, OS 19.05.3? because sometimes it happens due to some bug. I am using some other smartphone but I don’t have this option. Once OS update then you can find a better option as compared to existing.

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