Camera and powersupply

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I’m using a dashcam App on my FP2. After about two hours of usage the FP2 showed low battery despite a charging cable.
Which current has to be provided by the charger to continuously use the camera without drainig the battery?
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Do you use the camera only or is the screen switched on as well? Can the app also work with screen switched off?


Only camera, screen is black


Anyway you will need a charger with at least 1A true output (best measured if possible, not only stated on the label as there is a wide quality range).


The FP2 can use up to ~1,5A from the charger. You can use a battery app to check the actual consumption, if you start the dashcam app. You should hope, that the consumption is lower then the max. input from the charger :wink:


Thanks to your answers.
So I will use a Y-cable to take the full advantage of my 2x1A charger

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