Camera and flashlight don't work

After my Fairphone 3 fell quite hard, everything seemed ok after I put the battery back in. After a few days I noticed that both flashlight and camera don’t work any longer. I opened the phone and took out the camera module and re-assembled it. Made no difference. Also tried all other tricks like factory settings etc.
Would it be a solution to replace the camera, or is something else broken?

Hi and welcome to the community. Do you by chance know someone else with a FP3 to interchange the camera module or a #fairphoneangels close? So you could test if its the camera module or worse something with the core module? Or maybe check the marked section here if someone gives a way the FP3 module (after replacing to the FP3+ module)?

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Thank you for the welcome and the suggestions. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to convince people in my environment to switch to Fairphone, so no swap possible. I found a Marktplaats sale advert of someone who upgraded the camera, but my offer was not accepted. I’ll keep trying, but also hope for other suggestions or experiences here.

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