CalyxOS (is coming to) is here for FP4!

I think that is a little bit unfair. All these devices are in test mode. They are planing to provide new builds when they have sorted out the problems with the firmware mess (different regions have different firmware) of the OPOs. Then they will be able to provide support in their easy installer also for these devices.

Besides that, your promoted iodé also only provides new builds about every two months (at least for the FP3). And iodé even saves the work of providing release notes/changelog and proper documentation on gitlab or github.

Sorry for being a little bit angry.


You can’t take a joke either, can you?
Look at the smiley and be a little relaxed…
You don’t have to apologize right away if you fly off the handle.
You can’t get angry, announce it publicly, but apologize again in the very next sentence. That does not show backbone.

Here are sometimes really fast really uptight and pissed off.
You do not always have to take everything at face value…

I push that now simply times on the heat :wink:

Let’s just all together imagine a nice cool pool for a moment :beach_umbrella:
Breathe in…
…and out, aaaaahh, nice :sunglasses: :smirk:


Good suggestion. I will take it to heart. :cocktail:


3.5.1 with May 5 security updates here (I got an OTA at least once since installing)