CalyxOS (is coming to) is here for FP4!

I would already be happy if Fairphone updated his OS to Android 12!!!

I have to say it. CalyxOS is working more stable than FPOS (at leaast in my experience). The biggest advantage are the much more reliable touchscreen inputs.


Did you use a protection cover with FPOS? I had with 3 different covers also the problem that I had to touch several times. Now I removed the cover and it works like a charm.

I didn’t use any cover. In fact, the touchscreen was over-sensitive.

Android 13 for our Fairphone 4 is near. The CalyxOS devs started working on 4.1.7 for FP4: 4.1.7 (#1201) · Issues · CalyxOS / calyxos · GitLab :+1:.


CalyxOS 4.1.7 is available for testing:

My Fairphone 4 is one of the few mentioned ones which refuse to boot Android 13 when the bootloader is locked.


I’ve been running it for 2 days now and didn’t have any major problems so far :smiley:

Bootloader unlocked, so not affected by the potential upgrade issue.


nice! has root access survived the update for you?

Yes, completely painless update procedure, just like installing an OTA update.

TBH, 13 doesn’t feel all that different if you’re coming from 12, that redesigned media player widget in QS looks very nice though :star_struck:


just tried it myself and it indeed works! that’s pretty neat, I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever got to use the latest Android version.

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I think I’ll wait for at least Beta status, but great to hear it’s THAT easy :).

Was also about to ask about the exact upgrade way. But if this is really soo easy → wow. :star_struck:

Still on the stable channel so I will have to wait a bit longer, but good to hear that it is already working “stable”. :+1:

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Fixed in 4.1.9-2, according to the devs 4.2.0 (with October patchlevel) will be released in a few days.


@hirnsushi You are on 4.1.9-2, right? This is the testing channel, so what is shown in the updater app, after setting the propadb shell setprop thirteen? Are you happy with the update or are there serious problems (for you, observed on your device)?


I’m on 4.1.7, 4.1.9.-2 got released later to try to fix the mentioned upgrade issue and doesn’t get applied to the version I’ve got installed. But both versions should otherwise be identical.

For my use case, everything’s still working fine, YMMV :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine still shows Beta :man_shrugging:


Android 13 incoming :sweat_smile:

Looks this identical to yours, except CalyxOS Version?


Obviously different build- / version-number and kernel build date, other than, identical.

Everything working fine? :thinking:

There are no visible changes:

2 and 3 are reverted in 4.1.9-2 to fix the issue when using a locked bootloader on some FP4.


Appart from THIS (Some FP4s fail to upgrade to 4.1.7 (#1214) · Issues · CalyxOS / calyxos · GitLab) everything is fine and stable so far :).

CalyxOS 4.2.3 with Android 13 has just been released as stable for the FP4! :star_struck: :raised_hands:

The update installed VERY smooth via the updater on my locked phone, it’s almost boring :grin:

Awesome job done by Calyx! :+1: