Calls randomly start on ear or loud speakers


When i answer calls, sometimes the loud speaker is directly on and everybody can unexpectedly hear my interlocutor very loudly. I didn’t get why. It seems to be completely random. But the loud speaker button is not activated on my screen. So i have to push it twice to inactivate it.

And recently sometimes when it happens and i want to switch the loud speaker off, my screen remains black, impossible to do anything to switch it off… Very embarrassing sometimes.

Some help would be very cool :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need to recalibrate your proximity sensor.

OK I’ll try this to fix the sensor problem if it occurs again. But the main problem is the phone call … Nobody else has this issue ?

Hello … ? Nobody else ?

It’s very annoying … Now all the calls are on the loud speaker directly !

Are you using cabled headphones/microphone?

If so, try out a different set.

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Yes sometimes, but this problem occurs when I don’t use them.

There was someone in this forum who stated his alarm tune wouldn´t go off as set, but when selecting another one it would be played back immediately.

Following my advice to very, very gently twist the phone brought up a contacting problem depending on how he actually held his phone.

Your problem also looks like being internally. And such occasional things often turn out as being contacting related.

Do you mean it might be a physical problem in the phone chipset ?

I assume it may be a contacting issue of the corresponding (sound)module.
But I am not sure.
There is another user who opened this tread “Mic stops working switching from speaker phone”. It also could have the same cause.

There are FP2 users facing contacting troubles. But that is only my assumption considering your description.
The other could not solve his problem by replacing a module.
It is tricky indeed.

No, not this. I think if it was so elemental even more users would face this problem, but my phone works just fine. Anyway I do believe that there is an eye-catching variation in manufacturing quality of FP2.
If there is no obvious cause found also with help of the support, you can still do a factory reset before sending it back at last.

Unfortunately I am sorry to say that I am out of ideas now. Anyway I hope the support has a easy solution beside replacing the complete phone.

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