Calling app missing after android update and reset not working

The story is a follows: Last weekend I updated my FP2 OS after the phone suggested to do it. After that update, I lost the phone “call app”, so I was not able to make nor receive calls. After downloading a third party call app, I was able to make calls, bot not answering them.

Today I decided to make a factory reset but, once the reset finished, the phone gets stuck at startup. during the initial configuration setup, after choosing the sim card and selecting WiFi network to connect, it freezes under “checking connection”.

Te problem is that it is not possible to skip the connection, and now the phone is completely useless.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? I really need the phone to work these days…

That’s very strange.

To get through the setup you can try skipping just the wifi step. That’s usually possible.

Otherwise I’d try a hard reset again.

Also you may try a different SIM as well as opening up the phone and cleaning the connectors.

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