Caller can't hear me though microphone works fine

I have had some issues with my Fairphone 3+ for some time now.
For both incoming and outgoing call, the caller can’t hear me well. Not sure if it is related to the latest update or not though.
I’ve tried the microphone troubleshooting and the phone records my voice fine for both recorders.
Does anyone have the same issue ? How can I fix it ?
Thank you!

Hi @Juki Welcome to the forum.

No other complaints lately. Which OS and update are you using. The default A10 0129 seems fine, so I would query some settings.

Do you get the same on ‘normal’ network calls as well as ‘hands free’ and WhatsApp video calling etc.

Hi @amoun !
I have the latest update Android August 5th 2021.
This only happens with normal calls, hands free or not. But all good with WhatsApp for example.

So it appears to an issue with the ‘Phone’ app. Do you use the default, if so try clearing the cache and storage.

  • Have you restarted the phone.
  • OR :> Switch off, remove the battery which will likely cause the clock to stop, then replace battery and switch on.

it is also useful to know if you have an SD card and how much memory you have free.

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