Call waiting option?

Hi fellow fairphone users,

I hope I put this in the correct category; might also be appropriate under “software”.
Our mobile provider supports call waiting functionality (and setting up conference call after this).
Is it possible to use the call waiting functionality without installing 3rd party software?
I couldn’t find any option in the default dialer - but perhaps I didn’t look at the correct place.

  • Jonathan

A waiting call will be indicated by an audio signal. Accepting it will put the first call on hold. After that, a merge symbol will appear which combines both ongoing calls to a conference.

If you want to initiate both calls yourself, just hit the “receiver plus” symbol while on the first call.

Hi ChuckMorris,

Hmm when someone else calls me they get voicemail first; there is no audio signal or any indication that I am receiving a new call.
I am on fairphone OS 17.12.1 - before I dive into settings I will update it to v18.01.1 first.

What I was able to do is park the phonecall I had and dial another number and then merge the conversation.

If there any settings I am overlooking; please let me know.
Tnx for replying.

  • Jonathan

Call waiting is a network feature, not a phone feature. But you can enable it via the Phone app. Go to Settings / Calling accounts / [Network name] / Additional settings / Call waiting. If it still doesn’t work you have to contact your network operator.

Great that works like a charm; tnx ChuckMorris :smile:

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