Call/SMS Network not reachable, Internet works, after Reboot everything OK

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I am having a problem for some time now. Sometimes, I can use the mobile Internet but when I try to call somebody it says “Network not reachable”. After rebooting the phone everything is fine. This happend quite often lately and I have to be reachable constantly so it really is a big issue for me. Does anyone have the same problem?

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Who’s your provider?

Same problem, after i switched both SIM’s to 2G problem was resolved.

I am using o2 Germany. And switching to 2G is no option. I mean I do not want to have a phone that is not working properly at all times…

What are your settings APN etc.

I am using the APN settings o2 provides automatically. Also, Internet was working at all times. Only SMS and Calling were not possible.

This happened to me 2 times so far. Worst thing is you usually don’t realize it until you try to make a call or send a text message.
Switching to flight mode and back solves the problem, too.
I’m using O2, too with default network settings.

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I have been having trouble with my FP2 from the beginning and I am not sure what is causing it. I will suddenly loose Call/SMS Network and do not detect it until I then try calling/messaging someone and discover I am not reachable. The screen displays “invalid sim” and shows no coverage. Internet works, though. I am using only one SIM, from Chess in Norway. Sometimes Rebooting works, but not always. Have had to reboot again and again until connecting. Turing to flight mode and back does not work. Turning off wi-fi when not using it, does not work. Neither does turning off data use, nor limiting background data (as it is called in Norwegian). However, it seems to happen mostly when I am out walking/travelling, not when I am in the same place. The last thing now is that a week back, it would not solve itself by rebooting. I tried rebooting 4-5 times, but suddenly the whole phone died on me, displaying the “resting” android robot and the text “no command” … I was not in the middle of an installation as it says here: I am now back to my old nokia. SIM works and all well. But I would very much like my FP2 to work again. What could be the problem, and how to solve it?

I moved your post here as I don’t think you describe a big enough difference to justify a separate topic.

I had a similar problem with my FP1. I finally asked my provider for a replacement SIM and then the problem was gone.

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