Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice/Microsoft Teams messages and video calls)

I agree, to help Fairphone decide what’s a priority it may help to tell Fairphone you have this issue as well. Please #contactsupport for that.

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Hi, I have the same problem and just opened a support request.


Maybe try a new SIM card.


Thanks for the pointer. Meanwhile I’ve tried deactivating VoLTE as suggested by @yvmuell in another thread and until now I’ve not seen failing calls again, nor rooted neither stock. It makes also sense as my provider is not listed in Fairphones VoLTE support page.


Hello Razem

Thank you for your feedback. I just have the same issue with my phone. When starting the internal test app, microphone 2 and 3 do not recorde any sound. Today I got a replacement from the reseller and this phone does have the same behavior like the first one. Now I did the test by recording a movie and knocking the microphones. The sound of both (top and bottom microphone) has been recorded. Additionally I did a test by using the loud speeker during a phone call, as well the one on the side works too. In my opinion, FP does have a huge SW bug in there test app. I don’t think that I will go for a second replacement. How did you proceed?

THX and Greetings Ueli

Hello and welcome to the forum. The solution is actually to disable the microphone permission for Google app:

I would say, don’t worry about the failing tests if everything else works. (Although I hope they fix it eventually. I’ve already informed support about this.) But if you experience problems with phone calls, consider disabling the microphone permission for Google.


It’s a nice workaround if it consistently works. I do use the Google Assistant, so I wouldn’t consider it a solution. I really hope they are able to fix these issues as well.

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This did not help for me, however when I did the sound test all 3 mics worked for me. Its just way too quiet and quality is abysmal


Anther workaround is to record the audio messages by holding the phone as if you make a call. You’re then closer to the device. Not ideal, but it improves the quality a bit.


Could you make the microphone gain available via the android GUI?

Background: I’ve lost my voice and need to whisper most of the time. I would like to adjust the FP4 to my needs.


@haxtibal has done some experiments, but nothing that can be done within the GUI as far as I know.

Is it possible to un-root the device after being rooted? I mean, some apps stop working when the phone is rooted, and I want to avoid that.

It is, but since @haxtibal’s solution relies on a Magisk module, the fix will be gone as well once you un-root your phone.

FYI, for anyone wondering, it’s STILL not fixed with the new update… FFS

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Have anyone experienced this ysing a headset?

Yes. Same issue with a headset


yes, still not fixed… will report… sorry you had to return yours!

Actually did a test with a headset again and it doesn’t even at any point select the headset mic… Still uses the inbuilt mics. Definitely a problem selecting the right input device

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Could you maybe #contactsupport to let them know? I really hope they can fix this (soon). My Fairphone will arrive in less than a month, it would suck if I have to return it a second time.

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Not every headset mic will work with every Smartphone, so the issue might be different.