Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls)

Using a Bluetooth headset fixes it. But make sure you have them with you, otherwise your colleagues will not be able to hear you :see_no_evil:

When I call someone, the other side often complains that they cannot hear me. They hear an echo or a very unclear voice. In the beginning I thought that I put my finger on the microphone, but that is not the case.
When I use a sim card from another provider, the problem stays the same.
I bought my Fairphone 4 some 6 weeks ago.

Using the sound recorder produces a recording that sounds like I’m talking through some old cans.

Anyone an idea how to solve this?


I have the exact same problem. People always have complained about my microphone but since a few weeks it got worse. I really need a solution for this.

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Welcome to the forum @Jaapd and @Decide1000

You may want to read up on this/these issues
I suggest you start here as you note your queries have been moved to an existing topic that may help.

and you can use the search function etc. for echo, low sound etc.

Try if it improves when you remove permanent access of the Google App to the microphone,

I have the software on my phone and disabled access to the microphone from all the apps (except the telephone of course). Hardly no improvement (after one call).
The receiver of my call thinks it’s probably the noise canceling that don’t works OK.

Ok with e/OS its another “story” I would check the Murena Forum and probably open an issue there as it might be a Software issue, rather than a Hardware bug

So does this mean this cant get fixed? In my case, even when i’m not covering the mic, the person im calling has lots of complaints… The audio input is very inconsistent. It seems that only the left sided microphone works when you’re using speaker mode

I just now called myself with speaker phone and regular setup. Both sound mostly the same. Still no iPhone quality, but also not inaudible. I’d suggest you call yourself as well, leave a voice message, experiment a bit and then forward that information to FP support.

It may be a carrier issue, which carrier do you use and in which country? When you #contactsupport, make sure you relay this information. They can then work with the carrier to improve the call quality.

Whats a Carrier? Sorry, dont know all the jargon ahah.

I think the issue is also very related to the distance with which you speak from the phone. As soon as you distance yourself just a bit, the input starts to become very inconsistent. But im talking about distances like 30 - 50 cm, which should be more than capable of picking up audio


Carrier is Network provider, ( EE, Vodafone etc )

My Carrier is NOS. Iive in Portugal. P



I’m having the same issue. I got my fp4 4 days ago, and the calling quality was very low from the beginning, most receivers had problems understanding me. I then tested it by calling my other phone speaking on the mailbox. It sounds like a tovel is between me and the mic. I did the audio test and passed it with no problems. Then I tried the mentioned workarrounds (google mic rights deactivated, played with 5g/4g and VoLte) but they don’t change anything… sadly. I now opened a ticket at fp support waiting for reply. I’m from Germany and my carrier is Klarmobil (Telekom). By the way it seems like I don’t have problems with voice messages. It’s only the calling quality which is in my case more important… Since this is a Phone.

Since I saw that this bug exists at least since December I think about returning the phone…


Same issue here.

I bought the FP4 for my girlfriend and the phone calls are very low quality, borderline broken. Moreover if she touches of cover the side microphone, the call in basically un-audible. How could Fairphone place a mic where people usually hold the phone ?

Interestingly, Telegram calls are perfect besides some echo on the receiver side (it’s clear the voice enters back from on of the other mics). This means it’s not an hardware failure, the two apps uses the 3 mics in different ways.

Have anybody tested another phone app?
Other suggestions?

I’m quite frustrated as she uses the phone for business calls and now I made her life harder with my (expensive) gift.


Best you can do now is #contactsupport. FP needs to know which carrier you have and which complaints. Then they can prioritize those issues. Hope they will fix it soon.

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Hey Uppercase,

did you get any feedback from Fairphone Support? I contacted them 10 days ago, I then received an (I guess automatic) answer containing a ticket number, since then nothing has happened.

It feels very strange that Fairphone has such a hughe, basic bug and so far no reaction, how and when they try to solve this.

Greetings from Germany

FP support isn’t fast these days. Make sure you provide all the info they need (software versions, carrier info and how to reproduce the issue) and then we have to be patience :slight_smile:


I’m reading the thread with interest.
My friends reported me the same problem.
Voice not as clear, normal as speaking to others.
No difference between caller or get called.
I’m from Germany and use Blau (O2) for calling, mobile data.
FP4 OS is used.
Installed simple phone App, Volte on, switching to 4G, 3G, 2G helped a little bit out.
Just opened a Ticket as I think that there is no hardware damage on the phone.
regards Guido


Also with the latest update the call quality of regular calls is still robotic and has the same noise in the background. Not sure if it’s because of noise cancellation or something else. The mics can record better sound, when e.g. sending a voice message through Signal. And other phones also have better call quality. So it should be possible to have clear call quality I suppose.

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I’ve used my FP4 for Signal video calls (hands-free) regularly in the past few weeks and haven’t noticed any more sound issues. :thinking:
Multiple participants, two with FP4s (one stock, one Calyx), all connected to Wi-Fi (not sure if that plays a role here).

Now, the sound of video recordings, that’s a whole 'nother level of awful :hear_no_evil: