Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls)

I agree, this kind of tests should be done by FP support team.
In my case, I have noise issues when I activate speakerphone on classic phone calls, not tested with apps as WhatsApp or Teams. Compared with a Samsung S10, with S10 no noise at all in the same situations.
I’ve opened a ticket to FP support.


I have this same problem now. people can barely hear me on the other side.

The solution (or hack really) is to use a usb-c headset / earbuds with microphone until Fairphone support can solve this in the firmware / software.

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Just a question to those having mic issues. Have you tried installing lineage? Haven’t Been in the forum much so correct me if it isn’t possible but is downgrading to a11 an option?

Android 11 or 12 didn’t make a difference for me in terms of mic quality (noise cancellation in particular). So I don’t think you’ll benefit from downgrading.

Fairphone 4 - call or WhatsApp audio messages loadspeaker or microphone not working

When trying to call someone using the loudspeaker / microphone and having the phone NOT close to my ear and mouth it´s not working, the other person can´t hear me (properly) or not at all.

Im not covering and holes with my hand afaik. As suggested in those topics about the FP3
Microphone not working during call while using speaker option - Help / Fairphone 4 - Fairphone Community Forum
No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot - Help / Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum

Similar problem but the other way round with WhatsApp audio messages:
It´s super hard for me to understand those, they´re super quiet and very hard to understand and whenever I move the phone they tend to stop playing.

I´ve already performed that hardware test procedure without any insights, all good according to that test.

I slowly start to think, that FairphoneOS is buggy while LineageOS isn’t… IMO :confused:

I moved your post here and as you can see above there are various issues for some and its difficult to really to find anything common. i would contactsupport

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I experience almost all the issues on Lineage also