Call problems on our FP2s

We’ve recently got a problem with our FP2s where when we receive or make a call from or to another mobile the other person can’t hear us speaking. When one of us then rang our landline the person making the call could be heard but only faintly and with some background noise. So if someone rings us they can’t hear our reply. We’ve both got the latest updates on our phones and we are not aware that the problem occurred immediately after an update.

The first thing that comes to my mind is a microphone issue, which though not being a problem only for phone calls, are often noticed because of call issues. Did you check that the microphone was working fine with other apps (such as camera), and that you have the same issue when putting the person on speaker ?
Hopefully it’s not mic related, since bottom modules aren’t manufactured anymore and difficult to repair O:)


Hi Lelu, thanks for your fast response. We did a microphone test on both our phones and they seem to be working when we did that but I did wonder whether it is a microphone problem, My wife’s phone is worse than mine for call problems, I think. When she rings me on my mobile and we’re both at home, I couldn’t hear her speak at all. Similarly, when someone rang her at work they couldn’t hear her reply. Both our phones are several years old now.

I think it would be worth trying a phone call on speaker if you haven’t done yet. My girlfriend and I do it for every call as both our main microphones aren’t working anymore. Since your phones are several years old that seems like a plausible explanation to me.


O.K. thanks. We’ll try that.

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You could also try headphones.

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