Call Log details?

Hi all.
On my FP2, I cannot see the duration of the calls in my call log history. How can I solve this?
I can see received/outgoing/missed calls, but no details on how long. - Especially needed for work to keep track of time spent on a client :slight_smile:
My provider ofcourse shows the details on the calls I made, but I also want to know this on received calls.

I saw on google play many apps to use, but would be great if my phone can tell me - my old nonFP kept track of these details - so I hope to find a solution here.


When I open my phone-app, there are on the top, under the field for entering a phone number 3 symbols:

  • a star
  • a clock
  • 2 people

Tapping on the clock gives a list of the calls (incoming/outgoing/missed) in chronological order.
Tapping on an entry (in the middle, not on the letter), opens a pull down list below the entry:

  • Send Message
  • (i) Call details

Tapping on “Call details” opens those details:

  • Outgoing/Incoming/Missed
  • Date and time
  • Duration

And there you are.
I can’t remember installing another phone-app, so it should be the standard info.


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