Call function is not working properly for emergency numbers

Hi everyone
I was now in the situation that I had to call two times within some weeks an emergency number(3 digits). Both times it wasn’t possible from my fair phone because a “server error - try again later” occured. Fortunately another person nearby had a phone and could make the call. According to the provider it should have something to do with the phone, for them everything seems right. I don’t have any blocked number in the phone app and restarted the phone and changed the sim slots between the two calls. Every other number is functioning how it should. What could be the problem?

Welcome to the community forum, Elias_E, and thanks for raising this.

This is a function that the ordinary user cannot test (without bothering the emergency services “unnecessarily”) so it’s really a question for both the device manufacturer and the network operators – and including the OS software publishers if you’re not using stock FPOS.

Which OS are you using, and which version? Just go to Settings > About phone > Build number, and report back here, the value shown.

You should be able to call an emergency number through any provider whose network is in range of the phone. Did you make the call from the lock screen or from your regular phone app?

I think you should definitely report the problem to official Fairphone Support (see #contactsupport) with as much detail as possible.