Call for testers of RC1.2.6

@paulakreuzer what about using the phone while charging?

I believe most people who tested so far didn’t have the issue in the first place, but at least one reported it still happens.

thanks! I was afraid that might be the answer…

If only I had more experience with software I would join the beta testers and try to help… :-/

I know @Douwe’s post says they are “specifically looking for people who [amongst other things] can explain fastboot, ADB and how to restore a Fairphone to their 8-year-old nephew”, but I can’t do that and I had no problem installing the update and test it. And even though I didn’t have most issues to begin with I did experience some improvements.


I totally want to be in here!
Hope to get some solutions for the issues I have…

If you are still interested. So am I. Have issues with random reboots during calling and calls, as well as high sensitive screen. Also lots of dropped calls and calls were the mic stops working.

Regards Ubbeus

Please send them a mail:

Hey everyone,

are there any news how well the update worked for the testers? And was the update already submitted to Google for verification? @Douwe ?

Thank you!


Haven’t read that anyone had problems with updating the OS, also for me it went smooth.

Also see Call for testers of RC1.2.6


Sensor Readout seems to tell me distance sensor is not working properly (not at all actually) on my FP2.

Do you want me to try something?

It seems that the 1.2.6 update will not be deployed. They already created an 1.2.8 update which they didn’t release yet.


I’m up! e-mail sent. :smile:

Would be nice to get a status on the beta test for the new OS Version.


Right, it’s way too silent…


Agree! For people who are impacted everyday by several bugs, and who are not part of the beta tester group, the waiting should be very very long for now. Fairphone need to communicate more clearly in the official blog and by mail. They are so long time they are waiting for.

I don’t understand neither why the random reboot issue still not listed in the Fairphone 2 software issue report.


You are right - this is a very frustrating situation. Currently I am not able to recommend a FP2 to my friends or to my colleagues at work because of all these bugs.
I also think that the bug reports article should be updated with all the other bugs…


Hi Douwe!

I applied many time for the beta testers group, but got no answer.
My email is explit (at) gmail .com

Maybe there is an option to opt-in manually?


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Hey explit,

That is weird. I just added you manually :slight_smile:
Thanks for reminding me.


For discussion of the current beta programme, please continue in the topic over here.