Call blocking on FP3

Hi, I just got my FP3, and now I need to figure out how to set it up to block incoming calls. Specifically, I want to block all incoming international calls. Probably that is not possible. But on my previews phone I could manually block all incoming calls that start with a certain sequence, so I could manually block, say, +216 and then all numbers that start on that would be blocked. But I can’t find such an option on FP3. I sadly get a lot of spam/fraud calls, but have not had to go through the tedious process of changing numbers thanks to being able to block all calls from certain countries. Blocking individual numbers obviously won’t help, it has to be catching everything… So I really hope it is possible. Cheers

You might want to follow the recommendations here:

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Thanks, I already read that thread (googled thoroughy before posting…). Activating the spam filter catches some but not all. There will still be numbers from various countries calling at all kinds of hours, even nighttime. It is unfortunate that the call app is so primitive, I get that this is not Fairphone’s fault, but still…on LGG4 there is an option to block all numbers starting with “xxy”. Anyone else know of any way to better handle spam calls, or tried other calling apps perhaps?Although Truecaller and the like collect your data, so I don’t like those…