Calendar sync between MBP (without iCloud) and FP


I found an app called DAVdroid, but for this I need to install a server?
I found something like a server at “Firefox” but I think their SYNC is only for WEBBROWSING.
I do not need this.
I found an quite easy way to sync all my contacts to FP by Filetransfer. Exporting my contacts as vCard and imported into FP.
Now the only missing issue is the iCal. I already bought DAVdroid because all comments told it is so easy.
Well it is not for me.
Also I found a calendar at my GMX Account, but although it is said to work with the .ICS from iCal, it does not.
I couldt import the whole, only step by step single events maybe, this is not helpful. Anyway, if theres no way I start with a new calendar on my FP but then I would love to have all these dates on my MBP as well. Maybe use a different calendar? Also a possibility would be to use Google Now. But each time I got stuck an some certain point.
Any solutions?
Thanks in advance


I don’t know DAVdroid but depending on its description in the Playstore it needs a CalDAV Server like Baikal or OwnCloud. This Server will store your Calenders and DAVdroid will only do the Syncing between the Server and your Phone.

If you don’t mind about giving your Calenders to google it shold be the easiest thing to use the google Calender. You don’t need your own server and only the google Apps in these case. Just connect your phone with your google account and evereything shold work.

I prefer my own CalDAV and CardDAV Server and pass the google services but it is definitely more complicated and expensive to operate a Server.

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