Calendar sends out declines after 1.8 upgrade

Hi all
I really hope someone can help me with this…

I started upgrading to 1.8 today, and afterwards I was asked if I wanted to restore my latest backup. Which was from september. Should have though about doing a new backup before I upgraded, but I didn’t know I had to.

I pressed OK, and my phone started restoring my september data, including my calendar.

Suddenly my inbox was full of emails from colleagues wondering why I’ve cancelled a meeting. In halv an hour, my phone has sent out more than 50 declines to meetings from september and onwards. I think it’s restoring my calendar from september, and deleting all meetings I’ve accepted after that.

I’m really embarrassed now.

I’ve stopped my phone from syncing the calendars, so it’s stopped declining more meetings. But do any of you know how I can get my phone to update the phone calendar with meetings in the calendar on my computer, instead of cancelling those meetings because they’re not in the bacuped version of the calendar?

What app are you using as your calendar? Is it the google calendar?

I’ve not seen this behaviour before.

Sorry to hear this! Actually there was no need to restore anything because the update should not erase anything. The notification from the restore-app is quite confusing though.

I do not know, if it is safe to do that (might possibly brick the calendar app), but you could try to install a root browser and delete the file /data/data/ After this, the events should be synced again from your Google account.

After the update my phone kept nagging me about restoring a very old data backup. First I could not find a way to decline. Then I did a new backup of the phone as it was - and that finally silenced the restorer. :smiley:
Since I have my contacts stored on Google I didn’t need the restore anyway.

Yeah, I also don’t like, that the restore notifications comes up after the update. To dismiss the notification, you only have to open the restore-app once and kill it, then it will know you don’t want the restore.

Indeed. And ‘confusing’ might be an understatement. I made precisely the same mistake as @Marie_ but luckily enough my backup file was not that old so I lost just a few calendar entries (and had to delete a bunch of copied posts in the phonebook).

Is this notification necessary? Or could it be reworded? Or would it (ahem) be possible to mention this in the information that precedes the upgrade? “After updating you will see a message… you can safely disregard this…”


Thanks for all the support and advices.

I’m using the built in calendar app, and it syncs several Google calendars
and an exchange (outlook) calendar. As far as I can see, there haven’t been
any cancellations in my google calendars.

I still don’t know how I can start syncing the calendar on my phone again
without deleting the rest of the meetings. I managed to stop the sync
before all meetings were deleted.

I’m also wondering if there’s any way to change the default settings on the
phone calendar so that I don’t send out an email if I cancel a meeting. In
case this happens again…


Why not go to the settings and see, if there is? :wink: As far as I see, there is not. I guess this can be modified on the Google webpage?

Isn’t that what you want (to delete all meetings and newly sync your calendar)? Since you say that all your meetings still are in your Google calendar online, you could still try the way I posted some posts earlier. I advise you to go offline first!

Just FTR, I had something like this when I restored a backup after a factory reset. Lost a lot of calendar entries, but partly due to my fault. I was warned by the calender app that a lot of entries were to be deleted (‘do you really want to proceed?’ or suchalike), and tapped that away. Didn’t send out e-mails, though.