Calendar empty after Update to 1.8.5

I noticed that after the Update to Kola Nut 1.8.5, all my calendar entries have disappeared! After browsing around, I see that a few others seem to have experienced the sam thing - have you got them back yet?
What I find strange is that this is the first time this has happened - every other update took my calender entries along with it. What did I do wrong this time?
My contacts, messages etc. were all synced, just not the calendar…

I am not using google calendar.

hope you can help!
lg lukas

What calendar are you using?

The native fairphone calendar

Usually an update shouldn’t delete offline calenders, but if you did the storage upgrader as well that deleted everything and without a backup I’m afraid you will not be able to restore them.

Ok, then I guess that was the problem - I know I didn’t do the storage upgrade before (hearing about the issues with it when it came out) - did the storage upgrade come with the 1.8.5 Update automatically then?

No it’s two separate update steps.
If you go to settings > storage you can see if you upgraded or if you still have “internal storage” and “phone storage”.

ok - I haven’t done the storage update, I still have internal and phone. so that can’t be the reason for the calendar issue. Anything else I coukd look out for? Do?

I found this topic where someone had the same problem after updating to 1.8:

He got some advice but unfortunately couldn’t restore his calendars in the end. Maybe you’ll be luckier and find something helpful in that thread…

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