Bye bye from deceived customer

Please let me sum up.

I received my FP1, encountered antenna problems, needed to return, then I changed screws, battery. But I went on and decided to pay for a better one.
I received my FP2, and needed to change the back cover after a couple of months because the first one was too weak and broke itself.
Then, I encountered many autoboots but did remain cool and read all comments and advice on forum.
I did change the cam module one year ago (feel free to check).
I still have an autobooting FP2 with second back cover broken (as weak as the previous), and weak battery length and weaker performances than the rest of the mrket at the same price, and still I defend myself and the project for it is human and respectful.
Then, I decide to switch back to my FP1 because of continuous autoboot, and need to find on my own a new battery because your long term company doesn’t sell them anymore.
Then, I need to upgrade my apps and can’t stay on my FP1 because your long term company doesn’t support previous version anymore.

Then, I go back to FP2, do all the updates, checks and adjustments.

In the end I call the user service and you tell me : no, it is because of water, we see it on the picture.

You are kidding me, or I definitely lost my time and hope.

Bye bye

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