Buzzing sound while on calls

There is a constant little buzzing sound in the FP2 earpiece during calls, almost like a small vibration. Might be a problem with the mini speaker, not sure if there is a fix for this though (not a DIY techie myself anyways.)

Just wondering if anybody else is suffering this?

No, I can’t remember anything linke this. But I’m not doing many phone calls in my FP2.

I have the same buzzing issue with my FP2.

I am having the same issues…

Hi, Ive been having the same problem since yesterday.
The sound in the earpiece was fine before but suddenly became buzzing, nearly “metallic”. Have opened the phone to give it a clean and restarted it, but no difference.
That plus the white marks on the screen plus the cracked case (both replaced by faulty parts)… Starting to wonder if I made the right choice after all…

I have the same problem, am wondering if I can buy a spare part to replace the earpiece as it’s almost unuseable now to speak to people using the earpiece.