Buying an app via Play Store and paying via O2 as SIM2 card?


I tried to buy Swype via Google Play Store and paying via my second SIM card, via O2Online.

At the first time I got the option buying via O2 as third possibility (after clicking/touching the “buy”-Button), together with paying via Credit card (I do not have one) and paying via PayPal (I do not use this method, too). But there appeared an error message (“not possible” or similar…). Trying it a second time the option buying via O2 do not appear again:

Am I the only one with such problems…? ;(

Thank you!

I changed the category from Software to Help. I think it fits best here.

I think this is something you should check with O2, very probably you have to activate this option with your operator. Did you find something on their website?

I chatted with O2 (Guru) and with Google (Wallet). I should be able to buy something via my SIM2 = O2 …

Have you tried switching the SIM cards?

No, I didn’t dare this :wink:

But about what things should I care about switching the two SIM cards? Are there any settings in Android which I have to change BEFORE switching the cards?

@Webaschtl You need to select which card provides 3g (fast internet) and data services. And if you selected prefered cards for calls and sms, i am not sure if these settings get mixed up. I have no idea if switching the SIM cards helps, it wast just an idea :slight_smile: .