Buying advice 3 or 3+

So how do I chose is the extra 10% worth it.
What’s important to me.
1 nice and bright when using outside
2 nice and loud when on speakerphone
3 ease of use not a hobbyist been down the Linux root and Brennan for audio just want to buy and use happy to physically fix things but don’t like learning new languages to do tech things.
4 would be good to know I could get some sort of screen protector or flip case as my phone often shares pocket or bag with keys.

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1 – I don’t know what you mean there.
2 – the FP3+ speaker is capable of slightly louder volume
3 – no difference between FP3 and FP3+
4 – same as 3, you can either go for Fairphone’s own accessories or have a look at third party cases


I suggest the 3+ … as a owner of a FP3 with camera module +, it is a worth choice going for a better (much much better!) camera. :slight_smile:

I would argue that due to the audio improvement the core module is ungraded, so even if you were to update other modules you would not get an FP3+

Go for the FP3+ not because of the camera etc but as the core module is upgraded.


I think audio improvement is unpercettible (isnt it? … 2db overall). Core module is the same. Just back cover is made with 40% recycled material. Camera module I can say is a must for every FP3 owner. :slight_smile:

A 2db increase at 10cm will be noticeable if it exists and that is down to an upgraded core module.

However as it is only the audio amplifier that is upgraded then maybe the use of the word upgraded implies greater enhancements.

Still without the ‘new’ core module there can be little benefit in upgrading the hands free speaker unit.

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All pictures I saw comparing the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ camera module didn’t show any significant improvement. So I don’t agree, that it is a ‘must’. I would safe my money and go for a FP3, without the ‘+’.
See for example this thread: Old and new camera photo comparison + new module general discussion

Well there you go
a) From @incanus

the ‘new’ camera module didn’t show any significant improvement

b) From @SimplyBrainy

I think audio improvement is unpercettible

So 90 Euros to upgrade without the core module so no audio improvements or throw Fairphone another 40 euros and take a gamble.


Thanks all and are both ok when trying to read text messages outside in the sun ?

It’s the same screen on each of them so not a factor in choice.

I’ve not had many modern smart phones so can’t compare but it seems fine?


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