Buying a new FP3 via Vodafone (UK) - wondering how perform if faults occur?

Hi - am taking the plunge and buying a new FP3 via Vodafone in UK (found could buy considerably cheaper paying contract instalments, having done the maths, than outright direct - phew! to my bank account :o) ) But having trawled the reviews both for FP2 before, and now the 3, am aware a no. of users still have issues with it crashing/needing rebooting. Reading that the sound is especially an issue. Hoping I am one of the lucky ones that doesn’t get this, but just in case…wondering if anyone else has bought through Vodafone and how have found them in sorting any issues? Would be good to get a percentage statistic on how common this fault is, as is making me nervous whilst still going ahead due to nothing equivalent on the market outside of buying something secondhand. Thanks for reading.

So far I have had no issues and am not really expecting any based on how the phone performs. I’m thinking people will show up on this forum much faster if there is a problem with their phone, so the forum posts might show a more negative picture.


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