Buy a new fairphone 3 or different secondhand phone?

Hey I’m currently in need for a new phone. I am stuck between buying a used, secondhand phone or a new Fairphone 3. Obviously a used phone will be cheaper but which option is more sustainable?

A used phone is also more sustainable.
A new phone is only the better option if you want/need a phone to work well for some years to come.

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What are your primary needs in a smartphone? Any demanding tasks (4K video recording, HD multiplayer gaming)?

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By getting a fairphone you are supporting the message of the company, sustainability, fair trade, repairability and anti-consumerism since the company is not in an aggressive competition for the consumer where it has to release a new range of phones every 6 months or less not to lose market.
Getting a used phone is also sustainable but in my opinion a lot of used phones are dumped after a few months just to get the latest model to feel good about oneself and of course “to be on top” and competitive, yea right…
Then the good repairability rating is also important, if it is nothing but glue and glass once it will break the repair will be dear and since it is a used phone the repairs are expected to be frequent.
Also again you are supporting the potentially unsustainable practices of the company the brand belongs to.
So if someone can donate you a working phone or you can only afford a used phone that is only rational.

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A new phone does not necessarily have to be more expensive. See for example this Samsung device (which has very good and interesting specs, but is not being marketed as aggressively as for example the Galaxy series) or the SHIFT5me.

A second-hand phone might effectively be more sustainable, but on the other hand be posing a security risk because sooner or later it will no longer receive security updates for the OS and apps.

Fairphone stands out because of its fairness efforts throughout the entire supply chain. The FP3 itself is in many respects a compromise, partly as a result of these efforts. But I found them compelling enough to buy one - and so far, I have no regrets.


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