Buy a Fairphone2 or wait for Fairphone3?

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I want to buy a Fairphone. Is the Fairphone 2 stil worth buying in 2018 or beter wait for Fairphone 3?

“So, we’re excited to announce that nearly three years after the introduction of the Fairphone 2, we’re not releasing a new model just yet. Instead, we’re aiming to extend the life cycle of the phone as much as we can.”

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Well I guess the arguments from 2017 are still the same, only the time factor changed and of course a new Android upgrade is here for the FP2.

That depends on whether you are ready to wait indefinitely or not.
If you need a new phone soon, but don’t want to be stuck with a brand new FP2 if the FP3 comes out I’d recommend a used FP2 from the #market to bridge the time.


Thanks for youre answer. How is de performance from UP2 actualy ? Fast for the daily use?

If you are worried about performance, read this:

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AA quad-core SoC provides Fairphone’s 2 with fast system performance. The smartphone still runs smoothly when many apps are opened simultaneously. Qualcomm’s Adreno 330 graphics chip is integrated.

Apart from deviations in BaseMark OS II, Fairphone’s 2 is on par with Samsung’s Galaxy A5 (2016) in the synthetic benchmarks. The equally strong Sony Xperia XA leads both smartphones with a slight advantage on paper. As expected, the three do not have a chance against the much higher performance Huawei P9 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Source: (2016/11/28)


No objective data for me, but I never find myself waiting for my phone to launch an app. I’m not a hardcore user : calls (and receive), SMS, photos, web browsing, music, videos, sync with davdroid, etc. everything works flawlessly with FairPhone Open OS.

For normal use and if you don’t expect a blazing fast performance, sure.

Of course, if you compare a Fairphone 2 with a Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9 or whatever other 2018 flagship phone, you will notice big differences in performance but for normal use, you don’t really need this extra performance.

And about a Fairphone 3: Somewhere somtime someone said at the end of 2018 but as @AnotherElk wrote, this might have changed with Android 7.1 being made available for the current Fairphone 2. So maybe 2019?

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Hi, i have a FP1 and have been trying to get over the fact that it is no longer supported and hoping it woudl go on to live a longer life. However it is now failing very badly now and i will need to consider a new phone.
However, i am wondering if FP2 is the answer. does anyone know if;

FP 3 is in the making?
how much longer will Fp2 be supported for?

any experience with FP2 that you’d like to share?

many thanks

Have a read here.


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