Bumper for FP3(+) wanted

Hi there,

I am looking for a bumper like the one that I should have received with my FP3. Unfortunately, it was never sent and fairphone seems not able or willing to still send it…. I am aware that there is a case available in the shop for the FP3(+), but i would rather use the bumper. In case that anyone has a bumper to offer, I would gladly buy it!

Thanks, stephi

Hi and welcome to the forum

All sounds a bit sad.

Did they issue a bumper with all FP3s. I was under the impression that it was to mitigate a brittle back cover on the phone, and maybe I’m imagining and mixing ideas in my head but did they not produce more viable back covers and stop offering the bumper.

On the refusing issue. Do Fairphone recognise you were entitled to one?

Do you have evidence of them being unwilling to send one, which hopefully would provide a reason. Of course they may not have any.

What’s the problem with the bumper and why do you want one so badly, after all you must have had the FP3 for a while. ~ when did you get the FP3.

There are more question but it would be helpful to get some background.

I wonder if you could cut the back out of a case :slight_smile:

For the FP3+ the bumper was not included, so if you bought the FP3+ nothing was missed by FP. Where are you located? If in Germany you will find an offer for a 3D selfprinted bumper on ebayKleinanzeigen (did not test it nor do I have anything to do with this offer).

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It can be that they introduced the bumper after I bought it… I used the back cover case for a while, but it’s just not working for me, it is too big and my phone doesn’t fit anywhere. I tried cutting out the back :wink: unfortunately it is too loose then and slides off the phone. The support said that it was only send with FP3 (which I have) but could not help any further. My phone experienced by now already some visible hits in the case, so I’m back on my search for a bumper :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will check!

Yes that doesn’t make sense, maybe they thought you had an FP3+. Can you check with them again, though they may not have any left. It would be comforting to know there was a communication mistake between FP3 and FP3+ not a refusal to honour promises.

There was an initial confusion, but after clarifying that I indeed have a fairphone 3 I got this answer:

I welcome you to check out our community forum for like-minded people that share your interests and could be using the same product.

I would have liked to propose you another solution, I took the time to look at various retailers including eBay, and I could not find an alternative

Reason why I am here :slight_smile: they never said why they cannot send one still, but I’m guessing that it’s not available anymore?

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