Built-In SMS/MMS App

This is a general report for the preinstalled SMS/MMS app. I spent a while searching this forum and trying the various workarounds for the various problems that I experience with this particular app.

1.) MMS not working properly in the native app. Neither sending nor receiving seems to work. I do not have the problem described here: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/sending-sms-with-contact-from-contacts-does-not-work-german-localization/89?u=paulakreuzer nor does the “misbehaving app workaround” from this thread https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fairphone-2-misbehaving-apps-see-first-post-for-workaround/11721 help. So I’m forced to conclude that there is a deeper issue within the app, probably a german localized version specific one.

2.) Regarding the “Sending SMS with contact from Contacts does not work”-problem I can report that I can not send Contacts from anywhere, inside the SMS app nor from Contacts. Actually, I do not have the possibility to even try to add contact information to a SMS: I don’t have an “add contact to sms” or “send contact” ability anywhere to choose from. There is no possibility to add contacts from neither the “Attachment menu” nor “Settings”, as it was with the FP1 SMS/MMS app.
If I go to the contacts app and choose “share -> SMS/MMS” I get to open a new SMS and can not add anything contacts anywhere. The contact information is not added automatically.

So, basically, I was sold a 0.5 K piece of hardware without a fully working SMS/MMS application, still one of the most basic means of communicating with a mobile phone. I cannot share contacts nor fotos with people I’m connected with without still using my old FP1…
I’m sorry to say, but this is close to unacceptable.

Edit: Clarification by re-formatting

Have you tried searching the forum for the words “MMS” or “APN”? There are many topics describing how to get MMS messaging to work by entering the correct APN settings for different SIM providers…

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Hello Paul,

yes, taken together yesterday and today I spent around 3 hours in the forums and reading every thread available regarding that topic. None helped, since I had the exact configuration of the access point given by my provider.
Or so I thought, because I realized that I had MORE configurational details than given. After REMOVING the additional configuration of “MMS-Proxy”, “MMS-Port”, “MCC” and “MNC” it did indeed starting to work. So no, the forum didn’t help there since none stressed the importance of removing additional details. My bad for not thinking about that earlier. :frowning:
So, partly solved. The “Contacts” issue is, to be honest, the much more annoying one. Sharing contacts is quite important and I can not do that…

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I am using the FP Open OS on my FP2 and tried to send a contact via the inbuilt sms app with no success.
I also tried QKSMS which is my default sms app and it doesn’t work either. When I change it to the default sms app, I am not even presented the option to share the contact via sms.
So maybe a general problem of the sharing interface?

But bluetooth and email (I use K9) works. Could that be an acceptable alternative for you?

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Nope. At the moment I will be content with copying&pasting contact numbers and not sharing whole contact dates. But thanks for your tip…

Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous. The “MMS bug” was addressed in the 1.3.6 (although I was one of those which were able to get around that by removing the over-configuration settings), but the “Sharing Contact” disfunctionality isn’t even mentioned.

Hello Fairphone Team, step up your game. And Forum Mods: PLEASE move this post away from “FP2 Help” and put it where I put it in the first place: in the “BUG REPORT” section. To be honest, this move turned me away from those forums AFAP. It IS a bug, I want to REPORT it and all I get are HELPING WORKAROUNDS like “use another app”… not funny.

P.S. Hello Fairphone Team, thanks for the update, especially the camera and display issues. Those are big. :smiley:

Not being able to share contacts via the SMS app is not a bug but a missing feature. Please add it to the #featurerequests::tag topic, where other people who miss that feature too can vote for it.

Don’t expect too much from the FP software team tho. While the latest update seems to fix some essential bugs there are still some major and minor issues that are higher up on the todo list than feature requests. So the next update will probably not fix this either.


Hello Paul,

this is not a feature, it is bug. I refuse to accept that the disfunctionality of going into “Contacts” => “Share Contacts” => “SMS/MMS” => and then NOTHING is a “missing feature” and not a bug. But maybe that’s just me with a customer eye and not a developer one…


I have this problem too and I use this missing feature / bug whatever a lot. I also have the mms problem but often find that I dont understand a lot of the “work around” suggestions on the forum as Im a bit of a numpty with technology and dont know most pf the jargon.

I would like to know where to post / vote for this to be sorted as it really is an integral flaw. Im not into using my phone for all sorts of crazy stuff, i just wanted to buy an ethical phone. Also any clear instructions on what to put in my setting to be able to send and receive mms messages would be really appreciated.

Thanks Z

@paulakreuzer Actually I have to agree with @Dome. In Contacts it even offers the choice to share a contact, and it does work for E-Mail, but not for text messages; it opens a text message but leaves it empty. I would also say that this is malfunction of the option presented, hence a bug and not a missing feature (The feature is there after all, it just doesn't work). How to reproduce: Go to contacts, open the menu in an open contact, press "share" contact, choose SMS/MMS from drop down list. Expected behavior: SMS app opening, phone number pasted into empty message. Actual behavior: SMS app opens, but message remains empty.

After thinking it over again, I am not convinced anymore that it is a bug. I think my expected behavior above results from old phones, where you only have a name and a phone number in a contact entry, but today’s entries are more complex. There is not just one number, but you may have more than one number plus email address(es), plus postal address(es) etc.

When using the share option in contacts, it does not just copy the phone number, but it extracts a vcf file (which is properly inserted into an email or other options that can be chosen in the drop down). Given that today’s contacts carry much more information than just 1 phone number, this seems to be a more logic behavior than only copying a phone number (and which one, if you have several?). However, text messages use a protocol that does not allow file transfer (to my knowledge), hence it remains empty when chosen.

Thus, after reconsideration, I do not think (anymore) it is bug that does not allow sharing a contact via a text message, but a short coming of the text message protocol.

This depends on your network provider. You have to look up the website of your network provider to find the proper APN settings (or most providers also send you a text message with that information the first time you insert your SIM into a new phone).

Thank you for that ill check it out. Also, I agree it makes sense that its a bug for the reasons you put so well just now.

Well, I should be able to send a vcf-file via MMS but I can’t choose to send a MMS. Simply nothing… so no, I do not agree with the “short coming of the SMS standard” explanation…

I have Fairphone OS 1.9.3 on the FP2 and I have the option share with messenger in my contact list and seems to work (mms), there is something happening at least.

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