Built-In SMS/MMS App

@paulakreuzer Actually I have to agree with @Dome. In Contacts it even offers the choice to share a contact, and it does work for E-Mail, but not for text messages; it opens a text message but leaves it empty. I would also say that this is malfunction of the option presented, hence a bug and not a missing feature (The feature is there after all, it just doesn't work). How to reproduce: Go to contacts, open the menu in an open contact, press "share" contact, choose SMS/MMS from drop down list. Expected behavior: SMS app opening, phone number pasted into empty message. Actual behavior: SMS app opens, but message remains empty.

After thinking it over again, I am not convinced anymore that it is a bug. I think my expected behavior above results from old phones, where you only have a name and a phone number in a contact entry, but today’s entries are more complex. There is not just one number, but you may have more than one number plus email address(es), plus postal address(es) etc.

When using the share option in contacts, it does not just copy the phone number, but it extracts a vcf file (which is properly inserted into an email or other options that can be chosen in the drop down). Given that today’s contacts carry much more information than just 1 phone number, this seems to be a more logic behavior than only copying a phone number (and which one, if you have several?). However, text messages use a protocol that does not allow file transfer (to my knowledge), hence it remains empty when chosen.

Thus, after reconsideration, I do not think (anymore) it is bug that does not allow sharing a contact via a text message, but a short coming of the text message protocol.

This depends on your network provider. You have to look up the website of your network provider to find the proper APN settings (or most providers also send you a text message with that information the first time you insert your SIM into a new phone).