Bug when trying to buy FP5


I have been trying to buy an FP5 transparent edition to replace my FP3 on the online shop for about a week now but with no success.

I have encountered the following two issues when ordering online:

  1. I would like to purchase the Fairphone 5 transparent edition. However when I add it to my basket the black version appears in my shopping basket. I have tried on several browsers, deleted the cache, rebooted my laptop/telephone but the issue remains.

  2. When I tried to place an order (even for the black edition) the FP3 upgrade voucher (which is valid through to the end of July 2024) does not work.

Both issues have been escalated to FP support who will pass them on to the relevant service. No idea when I will get a reply though. No alternate ordering solution offered by FP.

Has anyone had a similar experience or guidance to offer?
My thanks in advance. Cait

Perhaps it’s an idea to chat with Fairphone. Go to chat and look at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks. I chatted with FP this morning. No solution but issue escalated.