[Bug Report] FP2: Bugs in data usage monitor - has anybody these bugs too?

First, a few sentences about the data usage:

  1. I use both SIM slots and use SIM2 as data SIM.
  2. I have set both SIMs in the data usage monitor to start a new cycle on the first of the month.
  3. Both SIMs have usage data for January 2016, but only SIM2 usage data for February 2016.
  4. I enabled Wi-Fi in the data usage monitor.

Now I do the following steps:

  1. I pull two times down from the top. I see SIM2 in the menu.
  2. I tap on the SIM2 symbol (in the screenshot labelled with “4G” and “Drillisch”).
  3. I tap on “Weitere Einstellungen” (“more settings”).
  4. I get the data usage monitor with SIM1 selected [First Bug: I actually wanted SIM2 here]. The month is January because of no usage data for SIM1 for February. This is right so.
  5. I tap on “SIM2”.
  6. I get the data usage for January [Second Bug: I actually want February (the current month which actually has data for SIM2) here].
  7. I go forward to the Wi-Fi statistics. [There I encounter the third bug: The per-app usage statistics is still for the SIM2 in January 2016 but I actually expect the per-app usage statistics for the Wi-Fi for 7 Jan to 4 Feb.]
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No reaction to my bug report yet. Now I explicitly ask: Is anybody there which has also these bugs? Especially those people who use two SIM cards and have their FP2 for more than one month?

Do you have bug 1: SIM2 is in the pulldown menu, but when tapping on it and tapping “more settings” the data usage monitor appears with SIM1?

  • Yes (SIM2 in pulldown menu)
  • No (SIM2 in pulldown menu)
  • I have not SIM2 in the pulldown menu
  • I have no FP2

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Do you have bug 2: When switching between SIM1 and SIM2, it shows not always the current usage cycle by default?

  • Yes (both have current usage data)
  • No (both have current usage data)
  • Yes (only one has current usage data, the other not)
  • No (only one has current usage data, the other not)
  • I have only one SIM card
  • I have no FP2

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Do you have bug 3: When switching between SIM1, SIM2 and Wi-Fi or timeframe, it sometimes shows wrong per-app usage data (which actually belongs into another network or timeframe)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have no FP2

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This is not a bug. Just because you want to be redirected there (and I can see why that would make sense) doesn’t mean it’s intended behavior. So not being redirected there is not a bug.

This I agree might be a bug. Well no actually I don’t. See if you e.g. want to go back a few months and want to compare data usage of both SIMs than it would be really annoying if you’d get redirected to the current month every time you switch views. It makes sense that if you switch from “last month SIM 1” to SIM to that you land on “last month SIM 2” and not this month. So I’d say that’s probably intended this way too.

That’s what it shows in your screenshot isn’t it?

No. The per-app usage statistics (labelled with “Scout”, “Firefox” etc.) is actually from SIM2. Note that “Scout” also shows the 127 MB in the previous screenshot (which are right there).

The mobile data on SIM 1 still shows 15 Dec 2015 - 14 Jan 2016. It should be 15 Jan - 14 Feb 2016
The second SIM shows 1-31 Jan whilst it should be 1 - 29 Feb.
So both SIMs aren’t giving the correct date.

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So you have (at least) the second bug.

I assume the following conditions for you:

  1. You also use both SIMs. (Which SIM do you use as data SIM?)
  2. SIM1 starts a new cycle on 15th of the month, SIM2 on the first of the month.
  3. Both SIMs have usage data for the previous and current cycle.

@Spielmops has not the three bugs here, but two similar bugs which may be related to the bugs here.

  1. I use SIM 1 for calling and sms, SIM 2 for data
  2. correct.
  3. SIM 1 has only data for previous cycle. SIM 2 shows data for previous cycle and when I tap on the previous cycle, it show the current cycle. When I close the app and reopen SIM 2 will show again the previous cycle.

I noticed after a reboot that suddenly I get the correct dates.

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All three issues are still there after the 1.2.8 update.

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