Bug: Low Volume on Loudspeaker - Two years and counting!

Hi all,

it’s a very sad story, that fairphone isn’t able to repair this bug. Am I the only one, who missed the possibility to talk in free-hands mode?

First Issues are from 16 Oct 2017.

I think, now after fp3 release, they will never repair this bug.


Please keep discussions about bugs in the bugtracker. The Fairphone team is obviously aware of the bug (it’s an assigned bug with no workaround and 69 upvotes), so what’s the purpose of posting here in the forum about it?

It is especially funny in combination with broken bottom modules. I often talk on the phone using the speaker as the primary microphone breaks regularly, but the volume is so low that I have to hold it against my ear. So I’m kind of making a normal phone call, just holding the cover towards my head and the camera at the bottom. I get strange views quite often :smiley:

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First: It’s a discussion about bug fixing :wink: . I think it’s a interesting fact, that sadly the fairphone team isn’t able to fix a annoying for two years.

Second: Normal or interested people don’t read a bugtracker, before they buy a phone. So it’s nice to know that our fp2 has potentially missed standard features.

Third: I don’t understand your hint “it’s an assigned bug with no workaround and 69 upvotes”. Yes - true but nothing happens for a very long time - so whats the message behind?

Interesting Move Simeon_Hae :grinning: So I’m not the only one who missed free hands calling

Bizarrely, when I changed network from 3 to O2 the speaker volume improved in hands free mode. Similarly, if I’m making a WhatsApp call, the speaker volume is fine.

I have talked about this issue privately with an FP developer. The problem appears to be that the Qualcomm telephony stack is quite hard to work with, which is also the reason why disabling a SIM has been unavailable for a while.

So it belongs in the bugtracker.

That is true. I was always against creating a separate bugtracker instead of keeping it in the forum. Still, now that we have the bugtracker that’s where discussions about bugs belong. Duplications of discussions is never a good thing.
There are already posts here that - if not also posted in the bugtracker - are missing there. I don’t think the developers ever browse the forum to find info missing in the bugtracker.

The team is aware of the bug. The fact that it’s still not fixed means they haven’t managed to fix it yet or they haven’t prioritized it yet. Posting on the forum won’t change that.

@everybody: If you have any info that could help identify or fix the issue please post it here: