Bug: loudspeaker button -> headset mic not working

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’ve got a problem with my Fairphone 2 (r4275.1_FP2_gms66_1.8.1).

Steps to reproduce problem:

  1. connect headset to phone
  2. start a call. -> It works (I can hear and I can be heard, using headset)
  3. press the loudspeaker button. -> loudspeaker works, but mic doesn’t work (I can’t be heard)
  4. deactivate the loudspeaker (pressing the loudspeaker button). -> headset speaker works again, headset mic doesn’t work
  5. the only thing that helps at this moment is to end the call, disconnect headset and connect headset again

Best regards

No answer? I need help on this one…

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