Broken screen or fixable?

Dear forum,

Recently I dropped my FP2 (ouch!). As a result of which, I think, I have issues with my touchscreen; often a portion of the touchscreen - anything within a thin vertical portion on the right side - does not function/process input. An example of this; I often can not type the letter ‘P’ or the number ‘0’. Upon touching that specific area it produces, respectively, a ‘P’ or '9.
When using the drawing portion of the checkup, I can not draw on that previously mentioned vertical strip on the right side of the screen.
It has actually happened before, but after several cleaning attempts and reassembling it suddenly started working again.

My question: can this be fixed (again) or is the touchscreen broken?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried cleaning the connectors again?
If so and it still doesn’t work, you can contact support if your phone is less than 2 years old, or have a look if you have #fairphoneangels in your area or buy the spare part from Fairphone’s online shop.

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Hi Stanzi,

Thanks for your kind and fast reply.

I have indeed taken my FP2 apart, and cleaned the components several times.
Just to be absolutely sure; what exactly are the connectors?

As my FP2 is now almost four years old, I’ll have a look and see if there are any #fairphoneangels around.
And if it is indeed the screen, which it highly likely is, perhaps I should indeed replace it.

The golden parts with the pins that connect the display to the core module. It’s best to clean them with a soft tissue and some alcohol, water works too, but be sure to dry it well before reassembling :slight_smile:

Hi Stanzi,

Thanks again for your reply!

I did in fact clean that, and while it didn’t seem to work at first or maybe at all, the fact is that yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, I could type a ‘P’ again and now the whole touchscreen functions again!
It seems the FP2 has self-healing capabilities :wink:


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