Broken Screen - black/white pixels

My Fairphone 3 has broken suddenly - the screen is black/white pixels. I have logged request for help but received message to say it will be five days before I receive a reply. Without my phone I cannot access my main email (set up a new one now) or my bank accounts. This is getting urgent. I don’t know what to do.
Can anyone help? Should I just buy a new screen - they are £80 and will be another week but if that is the problem I want to buy it as soon as possible.
Any help appreciated!
Hugh (London, UK)

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First check on the slim sides of the phone if there are any gaps between the display module and the rest of the phone. If that is the case, gently press them both together to close the gaps (see the reinstall instruction in step 9 here, also posted below).

If that doesn’t help, I would remove the display module from the body of the phone and then put both back together as described here:


Hi Hugh and welcome to the forum.

As urs_lesse has indicated it could just be a loose screen.

There is a Fairphone guide to a more in-depth removal and replacement of the screen which also allows an inspection of contact viability.

You may also find, sometimes, that module contacts are dirty, stained, and you may consider cleaning them, but do not rush into it and over do it.


Take advantage of disassembly to clean all contacts with high percentage alcohol and cotton buds.


If the other pieces of advice don’t work, perhaps check if any #fairphoneangels in your area wouldn’t have any spare screen they would agree to lend you for a week or two.


THANK YOU! I dismantled it and when I put it back together the screen was okay, thank you so much for your help.


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