Broken products not replaced


My experience is:
Send back the FP2 without much discussion.
FP just has to replace it. In my case there was half a year fussing around with a Brocken phone…
Do not listen to theFP-service AS warranty is concerned.


thanks for your very patient, calm and friendly reply to a request that imho was, in its tone, almost a rant if not an insult. you make fairphone fair by human means, which contributes to its sustainability.


Thank you Monica for your explicative reply.
I have the things almost sorted for one of my flawed Fairphones ( request n. 293580, I am going to send it to the repair center) but I still have no reply from the second (request n. 294388).
This second phone is a refurbished one and now I am having problems with the microfone too.

I understand the Fairphone approach, but customers are protected by laws, we are not all technology experts enjoying themselves repairing phones broken from the beginning.


Apparently they do not want to replace it, I am emailing with the customer service for weeks and weeks and they agreed to fix only one of the 2 phones. I am kind of desperate, I am really thinking of buying a normal unfair but at leats working phone…


Weeks passed and I still have 2 not working phones.
Things are getting even worst, the microphone has just started not working.
I am kind of desperate, I am thinkg of throwing away theFairphones and buying new unfair but at least working phones.


Hi Alessandra, I reached out to my colleagues at Customer support and they apologised for the confusion with the repairs. They sent you an email regarding repairing both phones.
If there is anything else, please let me know and I can reach out to them again.


Hello Alessandra,

You have my sympathy, I was extremely fed up when I had a similar experience. At first I was sympathetic to Fairphone as I had a fairly good experience with my FP1 (the first smartphone I ever had), but I got more and more annoyed with the support staff and their casual attitude, and the fact the phone didn’t work properly - very fast battery decline was the worst. Also often it seemed Fairphone owners are supposed to be technically minded and ready to open up the phone to repair them. That is not for all of us though.

I can’t remember if I told you, my FP2 was stolen - really odd and I still don’t know how it happened as I am usually pretty careful and it hasn’t happened before. But once the phone had gone I knew I would not replace it with another Fairphone 2 and I bought a Moto phone (half the price). It has worked pretty well for 18 months now.

When Fairphone 3 is ready I will be interested in seeing what people think of it and ready perhaps to try it.

Don’t necessarily throw away the Fairphones though, you might find someone ready to buy one (try through the Fairphone forum).

Good luck to you.

Best wishes,