Broken headphone jack?

A few days ago, I dropped my Fairphone 2 while listening to music via headphones. Since then, the phone will not play any audio through headphones anymore.
The headphones work with other devices, so that is not the issue. The phone recognises me connecting the headphones, as it shows the notification “Headset is plugged in”, so general connection should be fine.
Is there anything I can try to fix this issue or do I need to replace the top module?

It sounds very likely that the audio port is damaged, yes – especially if the other “ingredients” of the top module still work (e.g. earspeaker, secondary microphone, proximity sensor, selfie camera). Before you order a new top module, you will need a Phillips #0 screwdriver anyway (to replace the old with the new module), so you might want to try to unscrew the current top module and screw it back in one final time to make absolutely sure it makes no difference to the affected audio port’s output. But most likely it will not.

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If taking out and re-inserting the top module does not solve the problem, you actually need a new top module.

(There might be a low chance that a new top does not solve the problem because the main module is broken – but let’s hope it’s not so.)

Unfortunately, taking out the top module and putting it back in did not help.
Guess I’ll have to order a new top module and hope that that’s the issue

If you are unsure, maybe there’s a Fairphone Angel nearby who is willing to lend you a working module for testing.


That’s a great idea, thank you!
Unfortunately, there is no Fairphone Angel nearby me, but I just realised I can test it with the top module from my sister’s FP.


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